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Mainstream Comics To Watch Out For

Marvel is re-warming an old TV show spinoff as The Rawhide Kid: Slap Leather. From the article:

The Marvel honcho said the Kid won’t make any pronouncements about his sexual orientation but promised readers will “know it from the moment you see him.”

…While the story has “a comedic slant,” Zimmerman said he hopes the 21st-century kid is “an empowering character that the gay community would be able to embrace.”

One tipoff about his orientation comes in the first issue, when he’s asked about the Lone Ranger.

“I just want to meet him. I think that mask and powder-blue outfit are fantastic,” he says. “I can certainly see why that Indian follows him around.”

I’ll wait for the general consensus; until then I think I’ll stick with Hothead Paisan, thanks. (The official site appears to be down.)

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