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Magical Thinking In The Modern Technolgical Age

The communications karma gnomes have been particularly capricious in the last few days.

Today they caused Galataea, my computer, my beautiful blue second mind, to have a catastrophic grand mal seizure resulting in an hour of blankscreen and a mangled article pitch.

Yesterday, they tweaked my cel phone so that it rang all squeaky and made it impossible to hear or speak to the person on the line. “I can’t hear you, it sounds like your office is full of aliens!” yelled Jen when I called her during the phone’s fit. The phone today is getting hot and making my fingers tingle when I make a call.

And now I go downstairs and find that not one but BOTH of the copies of the Village Voice I picked up today are bereft of page 73, the page on which my article appears.

What is on their mind, these gnomes?! What’s the big idea?! Don’t get comfortable, I think they are saying. Remember what it was like right after the towers came down. We can’t always be on your side.

go on, torment me, you twisted little postmodern pseudo-mytho-Scandinavian future fsckers. I know this blog isn’t really changing shape and color as I watch…

aaaa! typos in the headline! They’re everywhere!!!!

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