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Detritus: You’re Not Serious About Donkeys!

Jeff Sharlet, a Hampshire alumn and a former editor of mine, appears to be editing an online ‘zine about religion: Killing the Buddha. Of particular note is their Manifesto. The world needs more special-interest magazines like these and fewer magazines like Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine, which scream for freelancers from between the pages of the Writer’s Market compendium.

Also a Dance Dance Revolution site which has printouts of steps. Critical, in light of the $1.75-a-game charge for DDR3. Practice on the kitchen linoleum and show off your rendition of Boom Boom Dollar or Oh Nick Please Not So Quick at the corner arcade.

OK, I take that back about Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine. If there was no Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine, where would we find use for phrases like these?


A magazine dedicated to ALL SIZED donkeys!

If you don’t subscribe to Miniature Donkey Talk (MDT), then you’re not serious about donkeys!

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