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Problems with comments

A couple of you have written to me today saying you’ve had trouble posting comments to the site. One of you even thought he had the solution 😉 I’ve made a minor adjustment to my IP banning in hopes that will change things… Try again, let me know if it works, and if not, what specifically is not working (left column, center column, posting from home/work/nude/whatever). If this doesn’t work I’ll check in with Kellan again on how to make it stop.

In other news, the bigbig project I have been working on is almost done… all that stands between me and posting it is conversion of an interview into some workable audio format (any suggestions? I don’t know how to do streaming. I have HyperEngine to work with).

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  1. kellan wrote:

    The problem is MT is not Squid-aware. But we turned off Squid yesterday so comments shouldn’t be a problem today. Unfortunately now MySQL is unhappy, so we might be turning it back on.

    Wednesday, May 7, 2003 at 1:23 pm | Permalink

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