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It is time to post this. I’ve spent too long on the draft, I’ve forgotten the perfect title I came up with for it, and the fire’s dying. In 1966 and 1967, Apaches at Cibecue portrayed “the Whiteman” as hippie — mumbling, awkwardly effeminate, and… “rich but pretending poor.” In 1970, VISTA volunteers descended on […]

Stupid Newswire Articles #2034

Clinton buys a Cuban cigar in a London airport. His other purchase, a tie with frogs on it, warrants Reuters attention. And the continued embargo against Cuba? And Castro’s policies, benevolent and malevolent?! What do you have to do to get attention in this g0dd^mn media sinkhole?! I had a surreal Castro experience today. I […]

The Bearer of Bad News

I have never been called upon to be the sole carrier of really bad news before. I frantically cast about thinking of someone else who could do it.

Requiem (Habits of Coexistence)

While I was away in Seattle, my birds died. Still I sometimes catch myself inadvertently looking to the cage.