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Detritus: The Man Under The Marine Layer In The Coco Helado Suit

I’ve finally brought All Mirth No Matter Productions, my ridiculous little fantasy about producing short videos, to life. Currently Internet Explorer doesn’t read the page right, so you won’t get the video loading in the right frame like it’s supposed to. It will load in another window you may not see right away, and take […]

Aquaframe, I was wrong, it’s an ordinary day…

I am now the proud owner of an Aquaframe. An Aquaframe is one of an increasingly diverse line of products which feature little plastic fish which, as if by magic, swim around in a plastic tank. Apparently it has something to do with magnets, although I have seen huge freestanding tube ones which are bubble-powered. […]

Si Fulano…

When did Paul Simon and David Byrne switch personalities without my noticing? A review of Simon’s “You’re The One.”

Detritus: A Luaka Bop P0rn Thanksgiving, In Which I Address Celebrities

I’m not really sure what the fuss is about Thanksgiving. So many people I know dread having to be with their families for a whole meal. Despite my family’s divorce (two generations of it on one side), Thanksgiving has never had that tension looming over it. I would have loved to be home with my […]


Something substantial fell into place for me yesterday at the main branch of the New York Library. I was supposed to be there digging up curricula on day-care related issues and having little luck when I came across a book about Tibor Kalman on one of the reshelving hand-trucks. I don’t know much about Kalman, […]