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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are a brand. Let’s just admit it, all right? Not people, a brand. Thanks to the reporter who stated the obvious in this article about their new magazine. It’s called marykateandashley magazine. Clever, right? Did you know that the brand promoted by these horrible humanlike by-products of the television industry includes […]

Pa’lante La Dada: Capitalism Becomes Surrealist Humor

I love the Internet. When you do searches on certain search engines, they will give you suggestions of where to go, mostly pointing you at places to buy things. So when I did a search for a bread icon on AltaVista, it suggested: Extend Your Search for bread: Shop the web for bread Find bread […]

And Down The Stretch they Come

Cleaning the house. Cleaning cleaning cleaning. Mixing Pine Sol and Windex and Drano and Kleen-King bleach-laden scouring agent without regard for my safety. There isn’t a drain in this house which isn’t clogged. Nothing like getting down there with a rag to remind me what a wreck this house is. Either the upstairs bathtub or […]


Something substantial fell into place for me yesterday at the main branch of the New York Library. I was supposed to be there digging up curricula on day-care related issues and having little luck when I came across a book about Tibor Kalman on one of the reshelving hand-trucks. I don’t know much about Kalman, […]